a bottle of Golden Hour Parfum next to the peach colored box it comes in

The Golden Hour Eau de Parfum: A Symphony of Nature, Craft, and Conscious Luxury

The Golden Hour Eau de Parfum:

A Symphony of Nature, Craft, and Conscious Luxury

In the crowded fragrance industry, BuMama's Golden Hour Eau de Parfum distinguishes itself through its commitment to natural ingredients, sustainable practices, and a luxurious, captivating scent.

  • Experience the Allure of Nature's Golden Hour: This eau de parfum captures the essence of a perfect sunset,with a warm and inviting blend of natural ingredients.

  • Embrace Conscious Luxury: BuMama's Golden Hour is not just a fragrance, it's a statement about mindful living and environmental responsibility.

Fragrance enthusiasts searching for an eau de parfum that celebrates nature's beauty and eco-conscious practices will find themselves captivated by Golden Hour. This unique fragrance transcends the boundaries of perfume, offering a narrative of harmony, sustainability, and the simple joys found in everyday moments.

A Eau de Parfum Fragrance Inspired by Nature's Tranquility

Bottle of Golden Hour Eau de Parfum next to the peach box with a tropical sunset in the background

Golden Hour is a poetic tribute to the beauty of the natural world. The Eau de Parfum opens with the rich, earthy scent of vetiver, reminiscent of a verdant forest at dawn. As the fragrance unfolds, the warm embrace of amber evokes the sun's first rays, with a hint of mystery. A touch of smoke captures the soft, golden glow of dusk, while a zest of citrus adds a touch of vibrancy.

This unique blend of natural ingredients creates a captivating fragrance that seamlessly transitions you from day to night.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at Golden Hour Eau de Parfum

Join us for a heartwarming behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Golden Hour Eau de Parfum. Discover the passion and craftsmanship that go into crafting this luxurious,sustainable fragrance.

The Artistry Behind "Golden Hour" 
BuMama recently unveiled their latest treasure, Eau de Parfum "Golden Hour." A 50 ml and 100 ml parfums with minimal, clean ingredients developed by none other than the ethereal hands of French-trained perfumer Molly Ray and BuMama founder, Lisa. Each drop of this gorgeous liquid sunshine is a testament to their craft, blended and handmade with love, care, and a splash of California dreaming.

More Than Just a Eau de Parfum, It's a Movement

Golden Hour by BuMama beckons you to become part of a vibrant movement – a movement committed to elegance, eco-conscious living, and appreciating the pure joy of nature's gifts. It's a call to action for luxury fragrance enthusiasts,environmentally conscious consumers, and everyone in between to experience more than just a perfume. Golden Hour is a piece of art that elevates everyday moments into unforgettable experiences.

Golden Hour captures the essence of simplicity through its six carefully chosen natural ingredients. This intoxicating fragrance features:

Scent Notes

  • Top Notes: California Lemon, Neroli
  • Heart/Middle: Saffron
  • Bottom: Teakwood, Amber Musk, Vanilla

These exquisite ingredients come together to create a fragrance that is both sophisticated and captivating.

Experience the Golden Hour Difference

Experience the allure, the passion, and the purity of Golden Hour Eau de Parfum. Visit WWW.BUMAMA.COM to secure your bottle and immerse yourself in the warm, golden glow of nature's essence. Each bottle is hand-crafted to order,ensuring you receive a truly unique piece.

Together, we can transform the mundane into the unforgettable. Let Golden Hour Eau de Parfum craft memories and connect you to a community united by beauty, wellness, and environmental responsibility.

two bottles of golden hour eau de parfum one is 100 ml the other is 50 ml

Available in 50ml and 100ml 

Additionally, with every purchase, we pledge to flow a portion of proceeds to suicide prevention, a cause close to our hearts. 

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Lisa B . Kyser 

Founder of Bu Mama 

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What is an Eau de Parfum?

An Eau de Parfum (EDP) is a type of fragrance that contains a higher concentration of perfume oil (usually 15-20%) than other types of fragrances, such as Eau de Toilette (EDT). This means that Eau de Parfums typically last longer on the skin than EDTs.

What makes Golden Hour Eau de Parfum unique?

Golden Hour Eau de Parfum is unique in several ways. First, it is made with all-natural ingredients. Second, it is committed to sustainable practices. Finally, it is a captivating fragrance that tells a story and evokes the beauty of nature's golden hour.

Is Golden Hour Eau de Parfum right for me?

If you are a fragrance enthusiast who appreciates natural ingredients, sustainable practices, and luxurious scents, then Golden Hour Eau de Parfum is a perfect choice for you.

We hope this blog post has answered your questions about Golden Hour Eau de Parfum. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

BuMama's new perfume "Golden Hour" is a luxurious fragrance inspired by nature's beauty and California sunsets.

The perfume is made with minimal, clean ingredients and has been allergy and sensitivity tested. It is the brainchild of Lisa, founder of BuMama, and Molly Ray, a French-trained perfumer.

The fragrance is described as a blend of sensual amber, velvety fig, and a kiss of citrus.

In addition to smelling great, BuMama is committed to giving back to the community and with every purchase of "Golden Hour" a portion of the proceeds goes towards community-based projects that promote wellness and ecological balance.

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